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"...Hadden is what roller coasters read for thrills!!"
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Steve Hadden

Steve  Hadden is the author of entertaining, fast-paced thrillers including The Sunset Conspiracy, Genetic Imperfections, and the Swimming Swimming Monkeys Trilogy. He is a member of the International Thriller Writers. Look for his upcoming novels, Swimming Monkeys-Revelation and Swimming Monkeys-Exodus comming soon.


Latest Release . . .

Revelation (The Second Book in The Swimming Monkeys Trilogy)

“A powerful and entertaining novel that examines the conflict between science, religion, and the explosive potential of the human genome…”

An extraordinary eighteen year-old, Ryan Webster, has rescued a new species of monkey from their burned out home in the Amazon jungle. But the explosive secret they carry is about to be exposed. It’s a secret that the President of the United States doesn’t want revealed. Recruited by the government to confirm their worst fears, the country’s top geneticist, obsessed with securing his own immortality, will do anything to achieve that goal.  

Trapped in the custody of a relentless FBI agent chosen to lead the government’s cover-up, Ryan must find a way to rescue the monkeys he’s promised to protect, before they suffer unthinkable torture in the name of science.